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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

So glad I chose Alison as my driving instructor! At first I was very nervous but Alison made learning to drive a fun experience and always stayed calm, making it much easier for me to learn. I passed first time with Alison and would recommend her to anyone :) her teaching style is brilliant, the book also helped me progress quickly! Thank you so much Alison! :)

Thanks for everything. Passed theory and practical first time! Really enjoyed the experience.

I passed with Alison first time and she was an excellent teacher. She helped me gain confidence and made learning to drive a really fun experience and I can't thank her enough.

I certainly chose the right instructor when I chose Alison. She is very calm. She is a very good instructor and methodically taught me everything I needed to know to pass the test and to drive safely. I passed first time. I highly recommend Alison.

I had originally started my driving lessons with another instructor in Weston, but after only a few lessons I had lost confidence, both in myself and in my driving skills. After 6 months of being with that instructor, I gave up, I actually hated driving. About a year later, a friend of mine had passed her test first time with Alison and had suggested that I give her a call and have a lesson. Right from the moment that Alison and I spoke on the phone to the day of my test, she has been amazing. She understood from day one that I had no confidence, so we spent the first few lessons just trying to build it up. I always felt happy and comfortable when driving with Alison, and I learnt how to improve my driving skills in different ways that suited me. I have to say that I would recommend Alison to anyone and everyone who wants to start driving or who may wish to change instructors. I guarantee you will enjoy your lessons, I know I did :) With Alison's help, I gained confidence and improved my driving. In the space of 5 months of driving with Alison, I had passed my theory test and managed to pass my practical test first time :) Thank you so much Alison :)

My partner spent 6 months with another driving instructor and hated every minute of driving. It got so bad that she stopped altogether that was until she started driving with Alison. After the first lesson there was a huge change in attitude and desire for learning and it made a huge difference in our relationship. She has enjoyed every minute of driving and the enthusiasm for what had been learnt each session was fantastic it even at times drove me crazy but it has been amazing to see the change in confidence. I was totally proud at the end of this week to hear that she had passed her test first time that I had tears in my eyes. I would highly recommend Alison to anyone even though I haven't had the pleasure of driving with her. Her ability to install the confidence, desire and enthusiasm for driving after the first session is a miracle worker.

Thank you to Alison who was a brilliant driving instructor, she supported me throughout my lessons especially when I was struggling and had a lot on. I don't think I would have managed to finish my lessons and pass my test if it hadn't been for her being such a great instructor. Can't thank you enough for helping me to pass my test! Would recommend her to anyone as she's so friendly and approachable and I felt completely comfortable learning with you!

Can't thank Alison enough for teaching me the skills to drive. I am so happy to have the freedom to drive and my daughter is so excited that she can go anywhere she likes. Having been through several driving instructors, Alison is by far the best at what she does and has given me the confidence I needed on the road to pass my test.

Here's a message to say a massive thank you to Alison, I have never ever wanted to drive before and to start at 29 was scary enough let alone how nervous I was. Alison kept me calm and helped me through my issues. She's a fantastic lady and makes you feel at ease. Big thanks again and will use her again for motorway driving and pass plus.

I had a fantastic time learning with Alison from LDC, she was highly patient, very knowledgeable and made learning to drive fun and a great experience. I have now passed my test with zero faults, and would recommend to anyone wanting to pass to give LDC a go!

Just passed my driving test first time today, so happy, thanks Alison, as I wouldn't have been able to do it without her. Would definitely recommend Alison to anyone as her book helped me progress quickly and also her style of teaching, also a lovely woman to work with. Appreciate all the time and effort she put into helping me pass! Thank you so much to the lovely Alison!!

Alison was always on time for my daughters driving lessons and never let her down. She is very polite, understanding and very friendly. I would most definitely recommend Alison to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially as she helped my daughter to pass her test first time!

Alison was the best driving instructor I could ask for! She was always so calm and patient during lessons and was very easy to talk to. I felt comfortable learning with Alison, she is a great instructor! She was always helpful and would answer any questions I had. On the day of my driving test I was really nervous and spending time with Alison before was so useful, as she calmed me down. I would like to say a massive thank you to Alison as she helped me to pass my test first time! I am definitely going to recommend her to any friends wanting to learn to drive in the future!

BIG thank you to the wonderful Alison for sticking by me and helping me pass my driving test first time :-) you were great even when I was getting frustrated. Would recommend to anyone looking for a friendly, honest and excellent teacher! Thanks again! :-)

So glad I learned to drive with LDC, Alison has been the best teacher ever, she came to my house we discussed everything, gave me a workbook and a DVD. I have enjoyed all lessons I had with Alison, she's professional, patient, friendly, has a sense of humour, all instructions she gave me were clear, English is not my first language. Anything that I didn't understand she was always happy to find a way to make sure I understood her, kept records of each lesson and progress and we always discussed before, in between and after the lesson eg. difficulties I'm having, progress etc. Alison knew when I was ready for the test. At 32 weeks pregnant did my test and passed without a fault. Woo hoo! Thank you Alison.

I found Alison a very easy person to talk to which makes everything a lot more relaxing. She easily explains how something is needed to be done and takes the way I learn into consideration.

I'd like to thank Alison for all her help whilst I learnt to drive. She is very caring and considerate and also incredibly patient which allowed me to pass my test first time!

I tried lots of times over the years to learn to drive but I just never felt confident enough and gave up after a few weeks but when I started learning with Alison she took it at my pace which gave me the time to build my confidence and it was really nice to not feel pressured into doing something I didn't feel I was ready for and because of Alisons relaxed and supportive attitude whilst I was learning I passed first time which was an amazing feeling so I would highly recommend Alison I couldn't have done it without her help.

I would like to say a huge thank you to my amazing LDC instructor Alison Parsons for helping me pass my driving test first time. I've had 2 instructors previous to Alison and she is by far the best! Patient and extremely helpful! Thank you so much!

LDC is a great driving company to go with. The learning book and DVD are fantastic teaching aids and really helped me learn quicker. Alison is a really good driving instructor. She's very calm and puts you at ease right from the start. I would recommend her to any of my friends.

Alison was endlessly patient and her skills as an instructor were demonstrated by the excellent quality of the pass I achieved. She is one of the most considerate and delightful people anyone could ever wish to meet, I could not have asked for a better instructor.

Alison is a brilliant instructor! She carefully observed my progress and perfectly estimated when I was ready for my test, which I passed first time! She is very smiley, informative and calm, and I would highly recommend her :-D

"Alison is an incredibly talented driving instructor who I would recommend to everyone. Her patient and consistent teaching style allowed my skills as a new driver to flourish, and most importantly, she enabled me to pass first time!"

"Passed first time, all down to Alison!"

"Alison's a brilliant driving instructor. She's so calm and patient and makes learning to drive easy and fun. Thank you for helping me pass!"

"Thanks to Alison I passed my test first time. I was fully supported throughout and would highly recommend her."

"Wouldn't have passed if it wasn't for Alison! She was really patient with me and made my driving lessons fun and enjoyable. Thank you very very much!!!"

"Was always a pleasure learning to drive with Alison from LDC, passed my test with only 2 minor faults, really pleased! Never thought I'd do it :-) "

"Thank you Alison for all your patience and help in me achieving my independence and eventually passing my test. You were a great support and helped to build my confidence. I would definitely recommend you. Once again, thank you very much for your help."

"I really appreciated Alison's style of teaching. I was very anxious when I started my lessons, but due to her calm, understanding and patient nature I ended up enjoying every single lesson I had with her. Thank you very much for being such a great driving instructor!"

"Thank you for teaching me the rules of the road and for the good guidance through my test."

"I passed my test recently first time and don't think I would have done without Alison teaching me, she is a fantastic instructor! I was a nervous, older learner and she kept me calm and made sure I didn't put in for my test until I was completely ready. I will probably go on and do the Pass Plus course with her too. I highly recommend Alison to anyone considering having driving lessons. Thanks again for everything Alison!"

"Thank you for helping me pass my test 1st time, you're the best instructor, very kind and caring"

"Alison is absolutely lovely, she's patient and helpful and really tries her hardest to help you (no matter how frustrating it must get at times). I would recommend her to anyone, and certainly if any friends or family look to take lessons I'll be passing her details along. Can't fault her at all. Thanks so much for the help and I'll see you again for the pass plus."

"I'd like to say a massive thanks to Alison on helping me pass my driving test in a short amount of space 6 weeks to be exact. I found Alison a really easy and fun person to drive with which made my driving a lot easier for me as I was quite nervous about driving. She was very flexible around my working hours and I would recommend Alison to anyone with confidence she is a SUPERSTAR"

"Alison was a great driving instructor. She explained skills and manoeuvres in an understandable way, and was able to correct where I was going wrong! She is very calm and patient at all times which sets a really relaxing atmosphere in the car which helped me to stay calm even when I was doing everything wrong! I felt totally prepared when I passed my test thanks to Alison and her great methods. Definately the instructor to learn with!"

"From start to finish always welcomed with a smile, every lesson is packed with information that you need to know and prepared you for driving on the road. Never had a wasted minute and would highly recommend to anyone. When it came to the test it felt like it was a normal lesson and was fully prepared, passed first time and without the guidance and knowledge from Alison would never have done it without her."

"Hi Alison, thanks for getting me through my test so quickly! I really appreciated how relaxed you were and how clear you made everything. Best driving instructor I've had!"

"I just passed first time after taking the 30 hour intensive course with LDC! Thanks to my instructor Alison who was brilliant, very reassuring and a great teacher, but also because of the LDC system, it really simplifies the process of learning to drive by breaking down all of the key areas in a simple and structured way. Thanks again Alison!"

"After doing a 20 hour instensive course with Alison I passed my test first time. I started as a very nervous driver, Alison was brilliant at picking up on the things that made me nervous and helped me combat them which lead me to become a good driver. She was always calm and a great support to me.."

"Thank you for your patience and support with my driving lessons."

"Ali is easily the best teacher I've had, she's patient, knowledgeable and easy to get along with. I very much doubt I'd have passed first time without her as my teacher."

"Thank you so much for your outstanding teaching, patience and support. You have made the whole process of learning to drive a thoroughly enjoyable experience!"

"Alison is a great patient instructor, she has a good technique by making me feel comfortable whilst driving. Her use of lesson planning helped with the structure and quick success to passing my test."

"I was really pleased with the way Alison has taught me! She made me feel really confident and comfortable the whole time I was learning! The LDC way of driving really helped me! Just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me pass! I've really enjoyed learning with you"

"Thank you so much Alison! For helping me pass my test first time in such a short space of time!"

"Thank you for teaching me to drive so I was able to pass my test first time!! I am loving my new found freedom!"

"I love driving now that I've passed, and it really is all down to Alison's help! Thank you!"

"Today I have passed my practical driving test and am absolutely over the moon. I strongly recommend Alison as a driving instructor. I have never ever felt uncomfortable or stupid when taking lessons with Alison. Alison is not only very competant at what she does but also calming, positive and encouraging which is what I have needed. Thank you for helping me to achieve one of the most important goals to me. I'm so thrilled I have passed! I will miss seeing you. Thank you for everything Alison, all the best"

"Hi Alison, a big THANKYOU for your time & patience for getting me through my test, your teaching skills and humor were fantastic and put a very nervous 41 year old at ease!! I will highly recommend you. Thanks again, you're great! Suzanne"

"Thank you for everything, you were a great teacher and the LDC method is a really good and thorough way to learn."

"Thank you very much for your invaluable help and patience whilst teaching me how to drive! I'm very grateful and I definately couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again"